Extremist Media Reinforces Extremist Politics

Fox news provides a right wing alternative to the leftist mainstream media. Yet Fox does sometimes seem like butt-kissers of the most rich Americans. A tax increase on the richest 1000 Americans of 10% would be helpful in paying down the public debt. Instead of advocating that practical move one Fox commentator attacked the homeless, poor and down-trodden for going to warm places in the winter. You need to be a real a-hole to attack homeless people for trying to be warm. Cold weather injuries are not too amusing; they are a pain that keeps on giving.

There are innumerable reasons why some people cannot buy a home and a Volvo; or even a Tesla. Making life more difficult for them isn’t helpful. 

There are major forks in the road of life that keep some people out of comfort and security such as the prosperous may have. Some need be nothing more than media air-heads attacking the poor.

If people really had solid, recurrent opportunities for a job that worked and allowed them to save money for upgrading lifestyle yet choose to use illegal drugs and be homeless instead then there would be some justification for criticism. When the practical and real chances for a job does not exist; such as a place to live is required a priori, there is no justification. It would be very challenging to work even for Wal-mart from a homeless starting place. For certain grocery stores won’t hire people that can’t smell sweetly like Fox news casters every day.

It is unfortunate that the Democrat Party has no moderates these days as in the 70s and 80s; just extremist lunatics that with socialism support corporatism as much as Fox.

The MSM Y has two approaches that yield the same destination of concentrated wealth and power approaching that of royals. The left takes the Troskiite branch of global socialism to end democracy, free enterprise and free speech with political self-determination of nations. The right takes the Hitler branch of corporatism to end free enterprise, free speech and political self-determination. Neither major American party or the bulk of the broadcast media support democracy with a human safety net that keeps everyone in the game for life. each MSM and political party and building global plutocracy with a corporatist-socialist entity for the underclass.

I should point out that the President is more of an independent than a Hitler-figure. For the left President Trump may seem that way, yet that is a fruit of the main stream media propaganda rather than a fact-in-itself. Though the Trumps are of the rich class, that does not require that they are intentional plutocrats seeking to repress democracy. Actually they may be in favor of it. The problem arises from uncorrected political economy and historical demographic progression.





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