Von Warren Plan is a Spaced Out Budget Buster

The 52 trillion dollar Von Warren plan to force everyone to get medical coverage through the federal health program designed for the elderly seems so spaced out that it could subvert the social security system. Already the Federal Government borrows money from the social security system earnings surplus to finance its debt and unbalanced budget.

The Democrat Party has become so spaced out, depraved, dopey, globalist, communist and anit-American regarding border security that the maturation of the decay has produced the fruit of belief in Lafferian Economics on hyper-steroids. The true heirs of Reaganomics are Democrat leaders.

It seems as if they are a fifth column for those that would gut all of the nation’s safety net by forcing the government into permanent insolvency.

The only people getting federal retirement payouts should be those that actually need them. medicare for the prosperous who can afford their own health coverage is as stupid as unemployment payments for everyone including the employed. What a sh-t for brains party the Democrats have become. They may even end up kissing the butt of the Oxford homo the Brits have supplied running in the 2020 primaries. What a daft collection of idiots.

In the 1960s and 70s the Democrat Party still had their oars in the water. Presently they are without any practical sense, have no interest in secure borders with zero illegal entrants nor balancing the federal budget. Politicians are supposed to do things like that at a minimum.

Democrats became a party of non-white males. That is they became females, homos and non-whites moving to leadership roles. In that process they forgot to watch the budget and economics across classes for anyone irrespective of race or gender, and that was a nearly fatal budget for democracy. Democrats would be better off changing their name to the socialist or neo-corporatist/communist sympathizer party so people would understand what they are. Even for socialists thought the Democrat Party candidates would be shamefully incompetent as if they don’t know what proper socialism is or how it works.

When a nation tries to weasel through costly programs as if no one has to pay the contemporary trick seems to be to include everyone in it and claim it will save money. As if no one needs to pay for it except for the rich that own factories and get unlimited nearly zero interest loans so they can issue their own newly minted e-dollars at the pace of 400% per every dollar deposited into their account by the government and federal reserve, Democrats splurge without limit on inefficient programs.

In Obamacare the poor actually fell through the cracks. If one earns 15,500 annually one doesn’t qualify for Medicaid and would need to enroll when the ‘window’ for enrollment opens at some hundreds of dollars monthly for insurance. If one is poor and travels interstate it is quite an unreasonable program designed apparently for the middle class, many of whom don’t need it. I am sure that Medicare forced on everyone would exclude the poor from solid coverage at least regarding prescription drugs. The Democrat Party designs for the middle class and queers rather than the poor.





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