Michael Bloomberg; Enter the Dragon

The entrance of Michael Bloomberg into the 2020 Democrat presidential primary is probably a good thing since he is the sole candidate that reasonable people would be at all comfortable with in the White House on the Democratic side. Most voters recognize that he is probably competent with money  and not likely to force new trillions of dollars of bet to be added to the federal accounts. That may be why his venture could be doomed.

Voters might be less worried about a possible ban of vast right-wing soft drink cups full of sugary beverage than piling on trillions of dollars of new public debt that candidates like Elizabeth Warren salivate about. Michael Bloomberg will worry the extreme Bilderberg-Iluminati global Jewish conspiracy people of course; it would be a terrible thing to some people if a regular excellent establishment candidate were not elected; one of those that repair the damaged environment, create full employment, pay off the federal debt, balance the federal budget, rebuild national infrastructure along ecological economic line and defend free enterprise and a welfare state that assures lifetime participation of every citizen that wants to play in the economic game while the nation’s borders are secure and well-defended. History shows that such candidates are more rare and unlikely than the return of Barbarossa.


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