Unlike Watergate Crimes, Democrat’s Impeachment Informant is the Secret

In the Watergate impeachment proceedings the Democrats and others followed up a tangible crime (burglary) and followed the leads to the White House and President Nixon. The prime perpetrator’s identity was unknown and that what was eventually discovered. democrats have reversed that order in the 2019 impeachment machination.

For President Trump there was no crime to start the proceedings. Instead there was an anonymous to Republicans informer who contacted whistle-blowing investigators in the Justice department about a fairly public phone call between the U.S. and Ukrainian Presidents. The anonymous informant believed the phone call contained an unethical request from the President (to have the Ukraine investigate potential financial crimes by the son of former Vice-President Biden in Ukraine). The effort for Republicans and the President is to discover who the anonymous informant is and learn about his relationship with the lead Congressional impeachment quarterback for the Democrat Party. The challenge for the Democrats is to show that the phone request was so unethical that the President deserves to be impeached. 

Why should the Bidens get a free pass to interfere in Ukraine, get employment for family members and the President an impeachment hearing for merely asking about that?

Many people feel a President has a right to ask for items he feels useful from foreign powers he is giving free money or weapons to. That is even if there was a quid pro quo, there is nothing wrong with that. Instead people might wonder what right a President has to give free taxpayer financed items away to foreign powers, including military aid. In business generally people expect something in return for payments. For example, maybe they buy a cheap spy camera from China in order to photograph deer on the trail; they expect it to work in exchange for the money and if it doesn’t they are unhappy. Since Democrats were so rude and aggressive trying to have a Special Investigator find crimes and Russian collusion between the President and Moscow/Von Putin, it was quite reasonable for the President to reciprocate in a small way after the end of the failed Special Investigation with a request to the President that they investigate Hunter Biden’s relationship as a highly paid board member of some odd Ukrainian business in a field that Hunter Biden had no experience in; that appeared to be some kind of well-paid quid pro quo for possible favors from the Obama administration of support for various Ukrainian people and policies.

Democrats have tried to game the impeachment proceedings withholding the identity of informers and of their relationship to the impeachment leader, not allowing Republicans to question witnesses, and keeping everything secret except for Democrat approved leaks. Recently the impeachment proceedings have gone public yet the system is still gamed heavily in favor of democrat, pejorative hate of the President.

democrats have sought to force politics since the Obama administration to their own goals without any Republican cooperation. That led to the present impeachment proceedings that try to force the President from office before the 2020 election. If it is possible for force anything Democrats now seek to do so. That methodology will not be able to reform the economy to ecological economics. 

Another problem with force politics is that the items that are forced through are the worst that might be designed…no one forces car designs through automakers with designs made in secret by one guy without input or criticism from others in the company. That method produces hybrid edsel-zils with square wheels.

For example it might be a good idea to tax the rich and provide capital to Americans without any. If 50 million Americans with no capital had some annually there probably would be some that are brilliant and would invent new things. They might buy math and science books etc. Fifty million people might have more geniuses and brilliant people denied for economic reasons that the 1000 wealthy people that are already sated, stuffed and simply network to have everything on Wall Street their way. If Democrats could actually tax and redistribute to the poor it is certain they would find some spoilt and inefficient way of spending the money. If there are 1000 ways to redistribute capital the Democrats would find one of the worst ones and keep it secret until it became law and people could find out what was in the legislation.





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