On the Failure of Ecological Reform Progress

Ordinary people don’t have the time to follow science enough to think for themselves on science matters. They trust in employment and paying for things like 30-year mortgages. Even those in power on Wall Street need to conform their thought toward corporate goals Aristotle noted the problem of the commons being very poorly cared for in The Politics. Democrats are more corrupt than the conservatives in that they exploit environmental causes for other purposes such as socialism, racism etc. Democrats like to force everything their way these days and that may be a result of the influence of the late Senator Ted Kennedy and his brain cancer.

Large scale ecological economic reform requires a great deal of engineered change to implement and few in politics even have an idea of what that is. Because the Democrat Party does not seek to find a way to get things done politically with the informed consent of the governed, Democrats keep the public debated between choosing socialism and capitalism, Ecospheric policies are given short shrift and hardly discussed in depth in a solid way publicly. If there are 1001 ways to reform capitalism and free enterprise to better serve the people of the United States, Democrats will try to force through just one expensive and likely ineffective plan without concern for the economic side-effects to the workers. They expect to force it on the nation. Remember Speaker Pelosi on Obamacare when asked about what it was;she said; ‘Just pass it into law so we can find out what’s in it.’





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