Truth Theory Briefly

Something about truth. There are a lot of truth theories in the field of philosophy. They tend to apply to language and words denoting an accurate relationship about a proposition. Correspondence and disquotation theories are examples, with a proposition or statement about the existence or non-existence of something being accurate.

Classic syllogistic logic with premises adding up to a conclusion has forms, the forms of syllogism predetermine the possibility of their premises being true. Of 256 possible forms of syllogism just 24 or valid. With a proposition such as “that ball dropped from the roof will bounce” can be verified with observation. Verification theory of truth is another truth theory based on words about observations. Christians tend to say that Jesus Christ is truth, in-itself because God is the source of all things. If one misses the mark of a right relationship with God one is said to have sinned (that means missing the mark in archery). 

There are other beliefs about truth that are interesting including use-truth that Jean Paul Sartre described. A colonial majority may have words and ideas describing others that are not of the insider group in a particular pejorative way, and for them those descriptions are true, though for other, perhaps false.





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