Rising Queer Tide Floats Buttigieg in Iowa Presidential Race

South Bend Indiana’s homosexual Mayor Pete Buttigieg is leading the Democrat Presidential race in Iowa not only because the other candidates are socialist-communists or financially crazy seeking to add trillions and trillions of dollars of public debt for inefficient services for the middle class, he also has the core support of homosexuals.

Pete Buttigieg if elected would degrade pr of the United States rather substantially with homo-coupling in the White House. Some voters would tune out even more than they did with Hillary. Voters cannot be certain if he is the butch or the feminine queer buddy, yet they can be certain that he is an Oxford creature. It is remarkable that a superficial moderate with queer British training could rise to become the front runner simple because the remainder of the candidates are unthinkably lame. For the British to calculate the rise of queers running for the U.S. Presidency shows the skill of the Oxford selection committee in recognize the gullibility of the masses of Democrat voters. Rhodes scholars are selected to advance British interests abroad.

One might think Democrats would have a clue about running competant candidates; even Donna Brazil would be an improvment over the usual suspects.

One might think Democrats would have a clue about running competent candidates; even Donna Brazil would be an improvement over the usual suspects.






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