Lt. Col. Vindmin was Born In Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic LOL

There is a certain humor in the Democrat Party’s star impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Semyon Vindman being born in the Soviet Union. He was actually born in the Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic and emigrated at the age of three with his parents.

After years of Democrat Party efforts to prove that President Trump had hidden Russian connections that helped win the 2016 election, they have brought forward a hidden whistle blower and a star witness born in the Soviet Union and Ukraine (where he may still have relatives). The irony couldn’t have been designed by anyone besides a sitcom comedy writer.

Besides humor there could be a certain conflict of interest in his antipathy for any Presidential policy change toward the Ukraine or Russia. It is also possibly wrong for a President to not investigate high level U.S. politicians from Washington D.C. that may have worked corruption abroad, including Ukraine.

President Trump had a right and a duty to discover what influence the Obama administration was actually having in the Ukraine. That was in the interests of the people of the United States. Why for example, would the Vice-President’s completely unqualified son be giving fifty to eighty-six thousands dollars per month for being on the board of a Ukrainian business?

Lt. Col. Vindman, quite possibly still a citizen of Ukraine, apparently felt that the best U.S. policy was hostility to Russia and military support for the Obama era policies of protracted conflict in eastern Ukraine. 

A better policy in my opinion would have been to let Russia and Ukraine share a common Eastern border on the Dnepr River so the Russian would not feel swindled by Clinton era policies of snatch and grab former what were Russian ancestral lands for hundreds of years that had been part of the former Soviet Union. Peaceful and mutually prosperous relations with the new Russia, rather than protracted coldish war and military build up is in the interest of the United States. Driving Russia to the old cold war era relationship with China isn’t in the interest of the United States. That policy is one for idiots that discount the danger of nuclear conflict.

Pentagon personnel should stop trying to restart the Cold War and find a design for a more quiet and bullet/rocket resistant helicopter for troop transport.





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