President Trump Should Explain Ukraine Dulce Periculum at Impeachment Hearing

Since the impeachment hearing in the House isn’t just a partisan way to overcome President Trump’s 2016 election victory after all else has failed the President should agree to let Republican House members question him at the hearing. That would avoid any potential partisan conflict of interest speeches, diatribes, tricks and traps from Democrats grandstanding for the camera and voters.

Republicans could provide five members of the House to ask questions about the President’s phone calls with the President of Ukraine. They should discover if there were elements of ad astra per aspera that would influence the course of Ukraine conflict with Russia, internal corruption and influence of the Bidens and other Democrats in stimulating conflict that if solved would make conflict over Dnepr regions moot.

Democrats should be happy to have their Republican brothers and sisters handle the dirty work of uncovering Obama era policies and corruption that brought the Ukraine conflict dulce periculum to be the normative condition.





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