Home 3-D Printing Will Save Dollars

I hadn’t realized that 3-D printing in plastic is so cheap. One can buy a decent low-end 3-D printer for 200 to 400 dollars. Immediate applications might include do-it-yourself dentures and guns.

Presently some federal judge has ruled in favor of a temporary injunction against publishing plans for guns on the Internet. yet if one can manufacture a gun at home for $100 instead of paying $500 to a corporation it seems as if any citizen should be free to do so.

Three-D printing, solar panels, Tesla trucks and other tools to allow home energy and manufacture independence are liberating tools to enable Americans to reduce their dependence upon Wall Street for everything as if it was the company store and the only one available for anything.

3-D dentures for home production would be simple to manufacture. One should first have a model medium to bite with gums and remaining teeth that will remain pliable for a hour or two. One should scan the model into an on-line plan site that would match the right size plan for the bite. The 3-D printed gums would have notches to set the teeth in (a pack of denture teeth being ordered on-line from Amazon or e-bay)

Then the 3D printer would print out the permanent gums into which manufactured teeth would be set by the home producer when it is finished. Special glue would be used to fix the teeth into the gums. Lastly a special self-hardening clay-like substance would be placed into the hard gums and the dentures place into the mouth were the clay-like substance would conform to the natural contour of the gums of the wearer. Excess would be cut off. The the substance would be allowed to harden (or remain partially soft if the wearer wants a soft liner).

There may be thousands of easy to produce at home items for 3-D printing. Maybe there should be numerous 3-D printing outlets at retailers and on-line stores.





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