Thanksgiving for Holiday Impeachment Turkeys

One should not pass over the countless hours and even months that go into preparing Holiday meals without acknowledging the chefs and their labors. The Democrat party haves presented the nation several thanksgiving turkeys to be thankful about since they will disappear through the nation’s alimentary exit. Representatives Nadler and Shiff, Speaker Pelosi and others have served specious turkeys of interpretation to the nation with sauce, relish and trimmings.

The President whom is the guest of the feast was said to have asked a foreign nation- one where the son of the prior administration’s Vice President, was given lucrative employment as a board member of a corporation in which he had no experience at all for more than a half million dollars a year. Democrats have indicated with indignation that it is an impeachable offense to ask that nation-Ukraine, to investigate crimes and corruption concerning Democrat Party leaders especially if they are running for the office of President to double down on heaping portions of foreign profits in exchange for payments from the United States government to that nation.

Democrats holding the feast have said that if a Democrat leader suspected of trading his office for cash to himself or his family is subject to investigation by the President of the United States, or a request that Ukraine investigate the Democrat leader’s suspected corruption abroad, that is an impeachable offense when the Democrat is running for office again.

The leaders of the festivities have said that the President of the United States is interfering in U.S. elections by running for re-election himself as well as asking a foreign government to investigate suspected and obvious possible corruption by one of the Democrat Presidential candidates. Apparently there are rules the Democrat Party has made behind closed doors that it is illegal or impeachable to investigate or ask foreign governments to investigate (or even have it looked into by a Grand Jury) Democrat presidential primary candidates.

No Thanksgiving celebration is complete without wild cranberry sauce. The Democrats saved some of the savory sauce with sweeteners from the 2016 election when Democrat leaders asked foreign agents to fabricate a dossier- The Steele Dossier- detailing Donald Trump’s ties to hidden Russian deals to boost his election chance.

Apparently Ukraine has become a Democrat stronghold for perfidious seasoning of turkey stuffing. Liberal gravy is produced in dark cauldrons of dark foreign forests and in urban wasteland organs of contingency. No Thanksgiving would be complete without a sugary treat so Democrats have baked a star witness overt counterpart to the secret primary ear and sweet nothing whistle blower- one Lt. Col Vindman- born in the USSR and Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic.





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