Democrats Shouldn’t Promote Dopey Laws

Many Americans under the dopey influence of the Democrat Party have urged legalization of marijuana across the nation and that is a bad idea. While dope, bread and circuses are perennial interests of the corrupt, decadence per se is bad for nations and national development. Though dope may have bad health effects on people and degrade short-term memory, and all that is popular because of sensory stimuli and pleasure associated with dope use, nations that forego decadent pleasures voluntarily tend to fare better than those that don’t over the course of history.

The question legislators may have regarding the liberalization of dope is not does the constitution outlaw dopeyness so much as does it permit the congress to outlaw dope and dopeyness?

The founders could not have anticipated and made laws against every possible dopey and detrimental social behavior in the future. Good sense and good judgment of law-makers is requisite for good social results that allow business to prosper and society to increase health. Some behaviors require voluntary support or abstemiousness for moderation in law. Lawmakers need be leaders and good example rather than the lowest common denominator themselves seeking to make even lower quality laws. Life is brief and human potential to be actualized need be positively reinforced with positive laws in support of good behavioral forms. 

There are legislators that have yippee attitudes regarding age and the elderly apparently. Even one Republican  Florida Representative named Mike Gaetz uttered an age discrimination hate catch phrase- “O.K., Boomer” in disrespect of one aged Kelly Anne Conway’s comment about the evils of dope and dope legalization. In many cases such as that of the late author James Mitchener who continued writing until the age of 90 (before he terminated his kidney dialysis in Florida and died), older generations have been very productive until very advanced age accomplishing more in their elder years than many younger people will ever accomplish in their entire lives.

Goons full of age abuse ideas encouraged by lawmakers advocating for legal dope so schoolchildren may leave their homes with their homosexual parents cloud of dope smoke behind might be regarded as not contributing much to reinforce a productive society. Legal dope broadly available will harm society in mass with the drug permeating the core of society and second hand smoke ubiquitous. While the nation has many strengths and positive points it also has many that are detriments. Adding large scale detrimental laws to mal-effect the health of society isn’t good law-making.

Excess wealth can make a society indolent and unconcerned with efficiency or balanced state and federal budgets. It might be better to look for legislation that would allow steroid accelerated muscle repair in the aged with research on how to not affect the temperament of users than to advocate dope use among the working class and teenagers. When society has the good fortune to experience prosperity it should pay off accounts like the public debt and build its moral, physical and intellectual health up rather than to tear it down.

A society should learn from the mistakes of history rather than to repeat them. A sober and determined people is more able to respond to the challenges presented to it than those dulled and stupidified with the pursuit of pleasure fore-itself encouraging working age adults to use dope and achieve minimal contributions to overcoming primary social challenges. A society should seek to avoid known decadent mass social practices rather than to encourage them. 

The world is over-populated beyond its carrying capacity presently and the many environmental problems associated with that will not be met faster with increased social dopeyness.





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