Bloomberg Lights Up Democrat Presidential Race Darkness

The entry of Michael Bloomberg into the 2020 Presidential race on the Democrat side brings a light of economic rationality into the darkness of the Democrat field. Democrats are a growth of mushrooms kept in the dark and fed a lot of manure so far with the exception of Michael Bloomberg in whom the nation might have some trust that if elected he would not add piles of trillions of dollars of new public debt.

If elected the Bloomberg administration could attack the terrible problems besetting the nation like a cluster of crocodiles circling around a sinking row boat. I refer of course to the problem of large soft drinks sold in styrofoam cups that have brought American youth and even some of the elderly into terrible physical fitness.

The twenty-one twenty-three (23) trillion dollars of U.S. public debt is obviously an issue only to those that believe one must pay bills eventually. Some Republicans suggest new tax cuts to help the most rich weather the potential dark cloud/smole on the horizon. Michael Bloomberg might help with that and bring tax cuts just to the one-percent in order not to bother the rest.

Former Mayor Bloomberg may be inclined to sympathize not only with a ban on unhealthy food and drinks, he may consider decreasing the annual federal deficit or contributions from auto exhaust pipes in the  U.S.A. to global warming. So far he is the sole Democrat that citizens of the United States, except for anti-Semites worried about the global Zionist conspiracy to ban 64 oz. soft drinks sold in convenience stores, the citizens would regard as relatively harmless as President of the United States. A Trump vs Bloomberg final would be interesting.

One test for Pres. Trump and Mayor Bloomberg is the Hong Kong protests and legislation to protect the protesters; would either one sign off on a bill passed by the House and Senate that supports them, or would they abstain or vote against democracy in favor of corporatism and socialism?





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