Insubordinate SecNavs and Partisan Judiciary

Democrats seem to feel that it is open enrollment season to attack the President. The Secretary of the navy recently fired – Richard Spencer- claims he was obeying the law in working his own will instead of that of his Commander-in-Chief regarding the Gallagher issue. A SecNav is in the military chain of command and need obey his commander unless the commander makes an illegal order. All military personnel are obligated to disobey illegal orders. President Trump did not make an illegal order to his subordinate though, so it appears the former SevNav was merely insubordinate and rightly dismissed. A SecNav isn’t the Attorney General who should mull over things regarding legality more so than a SecNav who should let the President worry amorphous points of law (who probably would delegate that task to an attorney).

A District Court Judge appointed by President Obama made a ruling that President’s Trumps former personal attorney must appear to testify before Congress. The problem with that is that virtually every decision against President Trump the past couple of years seems to have been made by Democrat appointed judges making the conflict of interest too obvious. Maybe partisan judges should recuse themselves when they have too much invested in being biased against a Republican President. All those Democrat judges may wreak long-term damage to the reputation of the judiciary.





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