Paying off Public Debt is Just Not What Presidential Candidates Would Do

Presidential Candidates are Wimps on Public Debt and Budget Balance

The 2020 crop of Presidential candidates are wimps on public debt and bringing the federal budget in to balance. They believe adults and non-yippees have to do such things as kept a government or company solvent and without excess debt load. The public debt is north of 23 trillion dollars and the annual interest approaching a trillion; about as much as the defense budget. That is a concern- public debt is the dark matter no one wants to meet in the dark alley of reality.

The U.S.Government has politicians that reflect the state of greed and ordinary ignorance about government that has developed following the Reagan administration when a million bi-partisan sychophants used that administration’s Cold War emergency fiscal policies as a template for the ordinary way to do business. Financial responsibility was gradually jettisoned over the side of the ship of state by Republicans and Democrats alike. Maybe they believe the global warming end of the world in 12 years will erase the national debt too.

It is the poor that will suffer most from the public debt crisis. Eventually programs that relieve them from sufferring and social opression will be cut back with rhetoric from satiated politicians that appeal to the middle class for support with welfare programs that should benefit just those poor people in need.

If everyone collects on health insurance it will work for no one. The same principle applies to social security. If everyone that pays into it draws from it in retirement it will not work. The federal social security system should pay benefits just to those that need it- it isn’t a savings account or a 401K plan. That system should provide just one size payment to all that need it. Work in ten different years and meet a certain earnings threshold and have a maximum annual income and savings balance and the single payment level would be yours. The problem is that those that don’t need it feel they have a right to a full refund for what they paid into it thought they don’t need it. If health insurance worked that way too, health insurance would probably not work either.  If Americans did not use social security without needing it the actual payments that go in to it would be lower for everyone during their working years. Other government programs could be reformed too.

Maybe the federal government should divert a portion of present social security deductions to a bond program at a 50-50 ratio. If people don’t need a social security check they would at least get their bond value payoff.

Obamacare and Medicare for all are programs designed to convert government into a corporatist or socialist state alternatively. Each are inefficient. Just the poor should get free medical treatment provided directly by the U.S. government through and expanded V.A. system of hospital networked with community clinics for the poor. Worker’s comp style references and screening would send the right patients to the right hospitals and clinics. A national network of self-driving Tesla trucks would convey patients without transport to treatment centers. With 25% of the nation that is the most poor having access to quality, free medical treatment the problems of healthcare the better off have would be left to the private sector.

A tax of 10% on the most rich 5% should be added and used directly to pay down the national public debt as soon as possible. A balanced budget amendment that reduced payments proportional to population of states should be made and used whenever budgets are unbalanced negatively more than three consecutive years, except in time of war. When the public debt soon goes over 25 trillion dollars and the interest on it consumes more and more that should cause some- even princess politicians, to feel a tinge of discomfort as if a pea were under their mattresses.





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