Alaska Governor has Structural Reform Opportunities

Governments can approach delivery of services issues in new and more efficient ways. The Governor has the opportunity to try that, as does anyone in the office. Education can be restructured, and different buildings for physical campus needs rethought to synergize with other state-funded structures and internet-sharing facilities and adding on-line programs elsewhere to count as part of Alaska State College accreditation. 

The Marine Highway system can be regarded as four zones instead of one and most efficient and cost-effective services with minimal luxury boats on dedicated routes interfaced with land and air connections as well as private entrepreneurs in the transportation field to reduce overall costs. 

Fuel cell power plants, earth heating for state new state buildings, more super-insulated domes in rural structures, Tesla trucks with stainless steel bodies for Juneau and other S.E. locations with state recharging stations usable by the public too. Wind and solar farms with flip panel barn doors to shelter solar cells in harsh winters with little sunshine.

Recombining existing structures and bureaucratic processing to enhance efficiency should reduce overall costs. It requires critical, creative thought to make changes based on deep understanding of the geography, demography and tools of technology available to apply to a reformed government system.





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