Being Elected in 2016 Was the Real Impeachable Offense

Democrats have sought to impeach the President for being elected to the Presidency in 2016. Impeachment is a good reversal of elections results tool that the Democrat Party hasn’t failed to employ against President Donald Trump.

Original political sin to a degree that requires complete expurgation is the Apple of the eye for Democrats and the Main Stream Media. Select Democrat Party friendly or partisan internet organs have implemented expurgation since the Obama administration when non-leftist and homo-takeover unfriendly writers and even C.E.O.s were removed as far as possible from the public broadcast media mainstream and internet; that trend continues all the way to the White House occupant so offensive; virtually an abomination of desolation for communists and leftists of the homosexual and billionaire political axis of evil.

When Republicans impeached President Clinton for lying to the Congress in direct testimony, Democrat Party appetites for pay-back were whetted that could not be satiated without a blood-letting destruction of President Trump.  When Democrats attacked the President and instigated the Mueller investigation the President responded early on that the opposition force Democrats should be investigated themselves; plainly that included former Vice President Biden.

Democrats also use a post hoc ergo propter hoc argument that the president withheld military aid to Ukraine as a lever to compel the Biden investigation. There is however thus far no direct evidence that the two events were at all related. If they so happened to be, most Americans might not care. Perhaps those subject to investigation would be the primary indignants.

Some apparently feel that providing $300 million of free military aid to Ukraine is automatic and the time frame in which the President released it Ukraine was unnaturally protracted. For the President to have done right one might infer, that is right enough to satisfy Democrats, he would have been safer to cancel the military aid and then ask the President of Ukraine if he would investigate the infamous Hunter Biden corruption or nepotism quid pro quo issue.

Alternatively he should have given the military aid first, and the asked about the investigation getting started, yet that would have appeared to be an expectation of reciprocation in some Democrat eyes so the President was da_med if he did and da_med if he didn’t. A better policy would be to cancel military aid automatically in any foreign nation where the son or daughter or wife of a President (or other close family members) is publicly perceived to be receiving unnatural products or exchanges of financial value from that foreign nation expecting to receive military aid for free.

The Democrats strategy involved using insiders in the Government to accuse the President of collusion with Russia, and of course the 5th column deplorable Americans that voted for the President in a virtually treasonous betrayal of the Nation that is in their point of view, one that should be a sycophant of Democrat Party organs.

The Ukrainian government is a lineal descendant of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. That government expropriated Ukraine from Russia during the Bolshevik revolution. The Democrat Party of the United States cannot tolerate a Russian nationalist government seeking recovery of some of its Ukraine land lost to communism. Therefore the President is nominally being impeached for asking the Ukraine government to investigate the alleged corruption of the Biden family in the Ukraine and needing leverage to get an inquiry going- as if the Ukraine government would have strongly resisted President Trump’s request ordinarily. One would infer that the Democrat Party believes the Ukraine is an associated leftist government that hates capitalists like Donald Trump.





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