Presidential Candidates Get Immunity from Foreign Investigations Requests

It is not at all clear why a sovereign foreign government conducting an investigation within its own borders comprises an interference in democratic elections in another nation. Innumerable times Democrats and their experts have made the claim that when President Trump asked a foreign president to conduct an investigation in his own country, with his own resources, that was a proximal or even vague interference by Ukraine (or President Trump) in the 2020 Presidential campaign. Probably no sovereign right the Ukraine takes in its own borders (excluding true or fair boundary issues) meeting with international law comprises an interference in U.S. elections- the paradigm that it does is stupid.

Even so, partisan experts testifying about what is an impeachable offense before the House Judiciary Committee made the point in so many words that a presidential candidate running against the incumbent is immune from investigation abroad, and if an incumbent asks for an investigation that comprises interference by that government in U.S. elections. That is, if Robert E. Lee or Jefferson Davis had run for the White House in 1860 President Lincoln could not have made any investigation about their connection to the British or any other foreign power in 1861-especially if they had announced new campaigns for the 1864 election during the Civil War (the Ukraine was part of Russia then so thankfully Ukraine wouldn’t have been an issue.

A Prof. Feldman said numerous times that the President called the President of Ukraine to ask directly for interference in a U.S. election. That is a complete false statement in-itself. The President asked for an investigation of Joe Biden, and that is not synonymous with interference in a U.S. election. It is surprising to have several disingenuous academics in one setting. When I attended college the PhDs, MFAs, MAs and MSs were all of good character stating what seemed like unbiased facts, and just the facts. What went wrong in academia?

Any member of a prior administration that wants to conceal secret foreign bribes or benefits directly or indirectly needs to run for the White House to assure that he or she is a political rival and off limits to requests to foreign leaders  for investigations by the President.  It is interesting that there is no quid pro quo regarding limits on investigations abroad given to the incumbent. The Mueller investigation was proof of that. 

If Vice President Biden had made secret insider deals with Ukraine or weapons dealers in Ukraine it is an impeachable offense to investigate. If a Democrat wants to commit treason with a foreign power or sedition with a terrorist drug cartel they need to run for the White House too if they want to be safe. Hillary Clinton for example, could run anytime to update her immunity status abroad if anyone wanted to look into anything that could appear criminal (in the United States?) her foreign activities.

How can Presidential candidates be adequately vetted without the help of foreign governments in some cases? If some candidate x is a sleeper agent or a Manchurian candidate, wouldn’t it be useful to request investigations into the candidate where there are sufficient causes for concern? If a former candidate like Sen. Ted Cruz runs again in 2024 and allegations appear, though vague, about his activities that might be illegal in Canada (this is a fiction scenario using a fellow of good character because he is sort of above this sort of thing), such as running a hidden prostitution business that pays less than union wages, or his membership in a hidden Cuban communist cell that seeks to take over the U.S. Government and transform it into a Leninst-Marxist government, when not counting profits from the prostitution money laundering business, shouldn’t a request to PM Truedeau be made to look into the matter?

The policy would appear to inhibit alliances with friendly governments helping out with investigations into suspect foreign activities by anyone nominally running for the Presidency. A presidential campaign of any stature appears to be a good screen if conducting dark pool activities in Russia, South America and elsewhere.





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