Yvonne and Patrick Discuss Temporal Decoherence

“There are two-hundred and thirty possible crystal structures not including extra-dimensional super-positioned states of temporal decoherence…”

I needed to say, “Temporal decoherence in super-positioned states; that seems about as improbable as our entanglement.”

“Beautiful isn’t it? It works. Super-positioning temporal structures in extra dimensions through rotational time symmetry breaking allows compound structures to flow super-positioned phenomenally.”

“Wonderful. That sounds good enough.”

She looked at me sideways for a moment before saying, “So that analogy is basically representational of group theory matrix schematics of the appearance of anomalous inventions on planets around the galaxy the past fifty years or so over a region comprising thousands of light years. space-time curvature quantities locally near the accurate planets collectively form group structures one can visualize together as select Killing roots of Lie groups.”

“So you might infer that could be our best positive trace to space-time coordinates of acts of the Universal widget. Terribly interesting Yvonne and a better method of data acquisition than snipping regicide. So what do you make of that?”

“Pat, because nominally it’s an intentional design and the I.Q. phenomena required to develop such numerous inventions at so many permutating locations is above any known historical occurrence the inference of the existence of an anomalous intervention is nearly unavoidable.”

“Um-hum. Is the pattern configuration semiotically a meaningful mathematical or physics symbol or could in be something functional for-itself?”

“That last point is interesting to consider. Exploiting select gravitational features in space-time warp as if they were some kind of atomic phenomenality such that it would be designed with group theory might create an unconventional compound structure. There are more possibilities such as the cumulative effect of invention enhanced planetary economies in select space parsecs. The leavening of the bread effect as it were.”

“Could it be another kind of a macroscopic widget of unknown origin?”

“It could be the Universal widget as causal agent or another. Right now we haven’t got defining data to the particular source of the invention allocations. What one might warp with vibration symmetries of such a field scale I can’t imagine”?

“Well then Yvonne, let’s consider that a minute. Einstein’s friend Paul Ehrenfrest discovered logically that matter could only exist in meaningful forms of atomic structure in three dimensions and one of time. With fewer or greater than three spatial dimensions complex organic life just couldn’t develop.

Logically however there ought to be an infinite number of dimensions of infinite size and an infinite number of dimensions of finite size varying a little from every other comparable to Lie group geometry variations. We normally experience just four dimensions of space-time because those are the dimensions our mass is decohered and embedded within.”

“I won’t joke about that Pat. We ought to be embedded for-ourselves.”

“Agreed. Like our Universe 1 that exists like a space in macro-quantum foam amidst an infinite number of theoretical Universe space-times the dimensions of standard experience are just those this Universe is given to occupy. The frequencies of concatenated energy vibrations fit it just right, like us.”

“Marriage is the union of man and woman. The two sexes become one race. The intercourse of man and woman continue the human race. It’s beautiful, effective and logical. The mystery of two sexes joining to be one race is not unique for humanity obviously. The yin and yang two-part dialectic generating synthetic, progressive biophysical upgrades are a natural process that doesn’t often result in fully sentient beings amidst non-human species.”

“Sentience seems the better way of evolved beings to realize the criterion of physical determinism and rise above it with intelligence to the realms of absolute spirit recognizable in Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

“Salvation is another one of the mysterious grace things. In the rem state of dogmatic intellectual and spiritual slumber we are deterministic beings. In the salvation by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ we are free riders on the indeterministic liberty of God who can intervene in this or any necessarily deterministic physically existing Universe that is an inertial flow within a field fused with forms of entropy gradually dissociating the field coherence of the initial steady-state from the beginning.”

“Yvonne, since any energy actualized here must conform or grow into the Higgs space-time matrix the form energy takes is determined by the fundamental field criteria it flows in.”

“Pat, that’s quite a vast range of potential selection criteria though, and symmetrical solutions for space-time field fundamental differentials might originate in the energy itself.”

“Yes. There might be infinite number of dimensions yet any given Universe may exist with just a few of those. The number of dimensions given unto a particular Universe could vary in quantity and type. If there were a thousand dimensions possible for example, the dimensions numbered 1 through 1000 might each be of a different kind, or the combinations of different dimensions could result in synthetic dimension configurations experienced only as selected, virtually.

There is an infinite number of Universes that might exist contingent upon a hypothetical metafield of fields. It could be a field-mind or intelligence that may or may not actualize and bring to actuality contingent reality with some or all possible dimensions or Universes. The experience of creating being and nothingness may be just phenomenal potentials of the One.”

She seemed to like the idea and added that, “Invention is synthesis of ideas-as natural as progressive sexual reproduction synthesizing new genomes in two-part recombination. The one human phenomena of being is pluralism within monism. In many forms the Universe is an expression from one God.”

“Maybe the Universal widget has artificial intelligence sufficient to seek a return to The One.”

“Maybe extra dimensions exist only phenomenally as constructions developing from mass temporally. As very small higher or lower dimensions they might arise locally as constructions cohering with energy forms.”

“The Universal widget too may phenomenalize every form possible in three dimensions of space and one of time from higher U (1) dimensional topology differentials.”

“It could leak inventions ahead of the space-time game time along a parallel world line I would guess if I were thinking of a reasonable explanation for a Lie group pattern of inventions on galaxy planets.”

“Then to the most recent sector of Lie group inventiveness we should go.”

“That’s very cool Yvonne. It gives me a tingling sensation running down my leg.”

“That could be blood poisoning. Is there a red streak moving toward your heart?”





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