Dictator Kim Bets on Big Bangers

North Korean dictator Kim Un has warned the United States of substantial changes if the U.S. doesn’t give sanctions relief before year’s end (2019). The Dictator’s nuclear weapons and rocket program may be making ICBMs able to hit D.C., so the glimmer of more leverage on decadent Democrats seeking to impeach the President may have emboldened the N.K. Rocket Man. 

President Trump hasn’t too many stronger negotiating points available to induce North Korea to quit with the nuclear war development and just get rid of the big bangers. He might try a quid pro quo with nuclear upgrades in South Korea to match the North’s on a 3 to 1 basis. Hardened short range nuclear missile silos on the DMZ pointed North might convey a message to the Dictator. Perhaps hardened nuclear bomb carrying drone bases could be made underground to assure complete geographic nuclear det coverage. Maybe a nuclear weapons fast boat port with magnetohydrodynamic engines able to launch along the North Korean littoral; there must be dozens of new missile launching designs that could be built around North Korea to assure that communist dictatorships hasn’t a good chance of taking over the South.  

It would of course be better if the Dictator was Christlike and a man of faith with a good plan for upgrading the standard of living of North Koreans through free enterprise; even V.I. Lenin had a five year plan for mixed free enterprise called the N.E.P. plan that he wanted to put into effect before suddenly dying to clear the way for the Dictator Stalin to take over. Dictator Kim could go the way of Lenin or Stalin. One leads toward prosperity and the other complete destruction of his people (probably). There is another alternative of course- sudden transition to liberal free enterprise economics with a surge of South Koreans into the North bring swift prosperity comparable to the liberation of East Germany from communist dictatorship. For sure though, arms manufacturers would like the nuclear weapons and missile silos and perhaps an underground mobile missle launching track as well.





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