Rep. Schiff Made the Best Impeachment-Worthy Act of 2019

California Representative Adam Schiff who has been a leader in the start-a-firing of President Trump impeachment movement committed the most impeachment worthy act of the year. The Representative had no legal right to get phone records from the two telecom giants that he hoped would provide fuel to the fire-the-President movement of partisan Democrats. The Congress has the purse of government and if the telecom giants Verizon and AT&T might have wanted more government contracts so apparently they felt they needed to quid pro quo, kow tow and brown nose the influential chairman of the House Ersatz Intelligence Committee and submit the call logs of the President and other insider officials to Rep Schiff.

Using the James Comey F.B.I. as a tool for political spying and hegemony on a rival Presidential campaign seems to be the new Democrat Party method for what used to be accomplished with burglary. The F.B.I. and F.I.S.A. court appear to have been used in the pursuit of political power by the Democrat Party.

Ungodly atheist crud seeks to divide the nation to get rid of a President tolerant to friendly toward the faith community, in the week before Christmas. What unbrotherly hate.

After the release of I.G. Horowitz’s report on the unprecedented violations of the Trump campaign driven by Democrats there are several reports that the F.B.I. and others took possibly illegal steps to get inside the Trump campaign. Recently Rep Schiff was found to have perhaps illegally obtained phone records of calls between the President and his personal attorney. One might infer that Democrats have made serious upgrades to the comparatively clumsy Nixon era methods of getting inside information on political opponents.

The dog and pony show trial prep seems an example of average idiots that want to run everything without the competence or learning to know exactly what everything is- even for the nation.

A.G. Barr said the 2016 Trump campaign ” was clearly spied on”.

With the House scheduled to vote on impeachment this week one must be very amused at the silliness of the vague paradigm for impeachment that is entirely partisan. Obstruction of Congress- Democrat majority interests in getting rid of the President is one of two points. 

The other point for impeachment is an even more vague abuse of power pretext that the Democrats are perpetrators of themselves. They also speak about national security failures of the President, and in fact quite the opposite is true with the Democrat Party agenda of homosexualizing the military, corrupting heterosexual marriage to throw in homosexual marriage as a kind of blackface mooning of marriage, flooding the nation with illegal aliens, forcing bad relations with Russia to increase the threat of nuclear holocaust , legalizing dope, running up vast public spending debts and so forth all leading to security weaknesses.





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