Logic of Modal Universes and Determinism

Modal logic can entertain an infinite number of Universes with any kind of self-consistent premises within them I guess, yet logical structures may not be all that exists or could exist with actual Universes, since logic is a kind of structure itself unlike illogical structures that may exist. If sound has structure, alternatively, it may not have recombinatory logic, although echoes can be logically extrapolated from a sound source, and light waves may alter with blue and red shift characteristics consistent logically with their structure and that of the medium they travel in, the unknown like dark energy cannot readily be given logical context except in observation and comparison to known structures.

One must assume a given character or modal structure for any universe that one would make behavioral predictions about. Some simple predictions of deterministic behavior can be made upon prior decisions a person has made with the free will of the individual being consistent with predictions about his determined behavior. His free will has bound him to predictability like a chess player with a known kind of game.

It is also possible to make predictions early in life- about babies’ behaviors for example concerning basic material needs. A baby has free will yet its behavior is deterministic to adult others. Various stages in life’s way are more difficult to predict concerning an individual’s behavior of course, yet to someone smart enough it isn’t difficult. Just know for example the vote for two articles of impeachment of the President was completely partisan with no Republicans voting for and just two or three Democrats voting against. That was predetermined and easy for even dummies to predict, yet the politicians are said to have free will.

I will cut this reply short, for I have other things to move on to. There are numerous approaches to considering the theoria of determinism though. One may study it for years.

Propositions that can’t be falsified, such as true foreknowledge in a superreal context, can have speculative answers. Tegmark’s Mathematical Universe had decisions people make in a level 4 or 5 Multiverse switching them to an appropriate Universe consistent with the decision.. In other words Vincent would make all possible choices and gradations of a choice and a Universe would exist with the consequences of that choice where his mind would go. The idea was that all-possible-universes actually exist and it is said that thought switches seamlessly to an appropriate Universe. Sailor know about the petty relativity of real wind speed vs. apparent wind speed, and time has a comparative illusory nature in that it seems to exist, as does motion, yet in actuality every possible event in the history of every Universe always exists a priori and conscious minds journey through each with a succession of self-bodies at the right stage in the right condition to receive the journeying mind. God I suppose created the infinite Multiverse and knows the disposition of each as He views the past, present and future of everything as if it were a museum established for eternity perhaps (it is in His mind after all that anything exists. Perhaps the Multiverse in that context would be like dreams and memories stored in the mind, and dreams could take almost every possible form based on the real memories. I am not saying here that life is like a dream or a rowboat.





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