On the Trans-(In)Finite Power of God

One may rely on authority and history to a certain extent. How can one know that Caesar existed for example? Generally the authority of history research, articles, and so forth. Caesar even wrote a book or two. There is a continuum of writing and thought going to the time of Jesus, and his status as the Son of God (the Trinity) provides first person experience. Intellectually one may approach the existence or logic of the existence of God in numerous ways including that of Plotinus the Neo-Platoinst. I wrote a bit on a subject that leads to the logic of the existence of God simply as an evident conclusion to thinking about being on the basis of science and logic. Someone asked if God has trans-infinite power. I thought about that and wrote this. ..

If the question refers to Gregory Cantor’s trans-finite infinities, whereat some infinities are greater than others, the obvious answer is that God is greater than all else. One would be aware that God is the issuer of all that exists including infinity (s) of any stature.

Infinity for God would be contingent being or a contingent state of relations. Infinity one might recall is generally taken to be a mathematical term; an abstract idea, rather than a physical existent, or even even a physical construct of infinite scale.

One could consider Plotinus’ Enneads- 54 tractates, and regard infinity as a condition of a form rather than some physical thing of a lower order. That is kind of a fascinating (mildly) topic. Is a pure idea infinite (probably not) except for ideas that are Gods? Are all ideas created by God infinite a priori as a genre? Could ideas of God be categorizable as either finite or infinite (probably not I.M.O.)? If the Intelligence of Plotinus’ Enneads is equivalent to the Word of God in the Bible, are forms made or actualized by the Intelligence infinite?

One may wonder if ideas that are infinite could be considered at all, for the comprehension to know the idea would need be greater than the particular infinite nature or structure of the idea?

Power that is infinite is trans-finite. When learning about Cantor it is easy initially to write trans-infinite instead of the accurate trans-finite infinities. 

Transfinite number – Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transfinite_number)

It is possible to regard nothingness, theoretically, as the greatest physical, actualizable infinity. *Yet that also seems implicitly self-contradictory. The total mass-energy of the Universe issued from a Big Bang or inflation would be finite. The total energy of an infinite Multiverse would be a finite mass forever expanding perhaps with ‘fuel’ from a pre-existing field of virtual energy that may be finite, or a priori infinite. If that monistic field has always existed without any Time=Alpha that just is unsatisfyingly improbable. It is simpler to regard God as Alpha and Omega preexisting any actualized field whom created the initial field that supported the growth of Multiverse. I suppose one could say in that context that God has trans-finite power.

*What is nothing anyway? There are at least two paradigms of nothingness. One is that of naive physics meaning absolute vacuum of space (and that may not exist). That is taken to mean physical nothingess, or the absence of anything existent at all, with pure space where nothing is.

Nothingness would perhaps be refuted as infinite by something or being exiting anywhere and displacing it. However if being and nothingness are each infinite one could use them as examples of Cantor’s transfinite infinities.

The second meaning is that of Jean Paul Sartre where in nothingness is an absence of being or presentness rather than meaning empty space. In his book Being and Nothingness he used an example of the absence of a waiter in a restaurant named Pierre as an example of nothingness. In other words nothingness is ore than a memory of someone being gone, it is a change in the present array of physical being. So the past may be said to be nothingness in that it no longer exists as it was- even Mt. Everest is not the same way, exactly, as it was a few thousand years ago.

Therefore if space-type nothingness does not exist- it is just the condition of sparse being with virtual particles and other unknown content comprising it- the transformations of form of a Universe or Multiverse primordial field of solid state, decohered physical being is the source of comments about nothingness existing. Change has converted what was into a state of non-being.

If the entirety of the Multiverse content is one monistic field; changes of form and structure within it comprise nihilations of what was that ended with new forms and structures replacing them. Though there is a conservation of mass and energy over-all, it is believed that the loss of structure through change brings nothingness into being regarding what was and now is nothing.

If there is a conservation of information though, as Shannon entropy perhaps, then there may be eternal being for structure and forms as information conserved in some way- perhaps in the mind of God.





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