Completely Partisan Impeachment Shows New Way Forward for Democracy

With the entirely partisan Democrat vote to impeach a Republican President where 100% of the minority Republican members of the House voted against impeachment the prospect of blatant partisan use of impeachment to reverse Presidential election results, or to try, may become normal legislative branch procedure in the future.

If one party controls both the Senate and House and loses the Presidential race it might be a good idea to reverse the Presidential election result with impeachment. A regularly scheduled impeachment would reduce the need for a special prosecutor and save tax dollars with all of the search for pretext for impeachment loaded onto the backs of partisan investigators that would have no need for a minority objection day as Rep. Schiff has proven in the House intelligence committee ‘investigation’ of President Trump. Like a Soviet show trial the expert witnesses can be friendly and objections to the process minimized.

With swift no-nonsense fish processing of the President by the House the conclusive gutting of election results can be accomplished in the Senate. Therefore the selection of a Vice-President to fill the void created by deletion of the initial election need be directly filled by a theoretically competent V.P. whom if he, she or it wins the next election would face their own mid-term impeachment.

It is good when the government shows it can get the nation’s business done properly, and the five years in required to retire at age 62 with as much as 80%  of the $174,000 annual salary paid to legislators.





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