Democrat Impeachment as a Model of Predator-Prey Dynamics?

With the recent completely partisan impeachment of President Donald Trump one must wonder if the balance in predator-prey relationships has fundamentally shifted. The traditional prey of capitalists has become the predators, and former capitalist predators have become the prey to a limited extent (since wealth continues to be concentrated to the largest predators).

Capitalism goes beyond the simple free enterprise yeomanship of small business sheep in a constructive, harmonious social equilibrium. Some, yet not all capitalists become predators consuming free enterprises and growing to very large scale through predation. In former ages worker employees were characterized as hapless prey victimized by capitalist predators (e.g. Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto (the book not the band)). Presently as a consequence of population dynamics, matured technologies, science, changes in moral norms and mass communications the former prey have become predators helped with the assistance of ad hoc socialist neo-unionization. 

Democrat party predator dynamics appeared with concatenated ad hoc identity politics moving predators toward simple domination through democracy with every opportunity used for predation upon Republican representatives of free enterprisers exploited to the maximum degree. That has culminated with the impeachment of the President in the House for partisan advantage.  One unusual point regarding the trial is that after denying the president due process in the House they have now denied him the right to a speedy trial in witholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate. The Predators are exacting cruel and unusual extra-judicial punishment on the President already, before the trial. Speaker Pelosi may actually quash the impeachment process after some time of enjoying the sadistic suspense forced on the President.

The interesting point about the predator prey relationship is the difficulty in stabilizing a continuum of mutual existence for predators and prey to exist. Often predators consume prey and then starve themselves such as one would expect if predator Democrats consumed all of the intelligent leadership and partner socialists consumed all of the free enterprisers.

Apparently Democrat predators would consume all of the alienated wealth of the nation (that could be regarded as all of the wealth that in existence that Democrats do not possess). While predator capitalists consume independent small free enterprises and subjugate it unto their own purposes, Democrats and some government predators duplicate that consumer goal with free enterprisers and creators as the main course. That might leave predator Democrats and Fat Predator-Prey concentrated wealth holding capitalists in one future world-line. The balance is not at all plain to predict.





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