President Trump is the Christian-Friendly Candidate

When the editor of the magazine Christianity Today wrote that President Trump should be impeached he made a blatantly political entry into the pig pen of indolent ignorant swine that is the American political swamp. President Trump is the sole candidate whom is friendly toward Christian interests in comparison to the godless, abortionist, homosexual, communist Democrat Party flunkies that are anti-American globalists promoting national amoeba blob-hood for all citizens with ample dope for all. Sectarian Christian editors should try to stay out of the swamp and not make themselves servants of evil even if unintentionally.

President Trump is squaring away several issues that need be done if the United States is to continue as a sovereign nation. He is working on securing the national borders against the incursion of illegal aliens; he has appointed better conservative judges than President G.W. Bush, rectification of trade and defense of intellectual properties against Chinese predation and so forth. Democrats are entirely spaced out in an alternative financial Universe where socialism will pay for tens of trillions of dollars of new public debt.

Christian evangelicals are theologically ill-informed and wreak great havoc upon American conservatives and the environment because of their wrong belief that Armageddon is ahead and they will be raptured out into thin air before the worst. That wrong opinion of pre-tribulation is shared by the Muslim world. The correct opinion is that the tribulation occurred in the first century a.d. and this is the time of building up the kingdom of God. Christian writers should read the works of Dr. Kenneth Gentry if they are so woefully ill-informed about the book of the Revelation.

Democrats are in effect the party of the anti-Christ. Wrong theology in support of homosexual marriage and political globalism that reinforces concentrated wealth while degrading nationalism lead to innumerable dystopian scenarios wherein silly man-bun wearing Christian editors can descry with a lispy croak the evil of the anti-Christ approaching and the doom of everyone to plead for increased contributions and rapture. That is an incorrect political approach to addressing the real world challenges to the U.S.A.

Democrats are far more interested in dividing the nation to get a replacement agenda accomplished with demographic party qualified members replacing the 20th century establishment class than fixing the environment. Democrats exploit the world environmental crisis in order to benefit their socialist-homo-economic empowerment-corporatist-socialist agenda. If they were serious about transitioning quickly to ecological economics they would leave out the socialist homo atheist agenda and work rationally.

With the very real concerns about global warming and planetary ecospheric decay with a mass extinction in progress there is no Green Party in the U.S.A. that is not entirely corrupted with the poison pill of atheism, homosexuality and abortion. There is no plain fix-the-environment, no-guile leadership factor in existence at all. Therefore many moral Americans choose to just let free enterprise and capitalism respond to the needs of the market and environment together instead of taking the known socialist-atheist-homosexual course of front-loaded doom with the pretense of being environmentally responsible.

Democrats seek after wealth and are a new age immoral party coated with Teflon of the Beyond Good and Evil ethos of the 19th century philosopher Nietzsche. Donald Trump is the right Republican leader to address them; he understands what they are and can get in the mud with them and win a fight. Christian leaders that inexpertly hope for some sort of ascension of the honorable V.P. Mike Pence would divide the Republican Party at a critical time and find a way to reinforce the Democrat homo-atheist-socialist agenda. That isn’t a Christian work at all.





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