Space Force Launched to Keep High Frontier Free

President Trump has officially signed the Space Force into law. Finally an organized military presence will be established to defend against threats to world existence from space and the Universe of things that could go wrong.

A military space force that has a few true space ships and space soldiers able to travel to combat asteroids, aliens solar flares, world conquering Dicatures seeking to intimidate Earth dwellers with particle beams, lasers, accelerated rocks, boulders etc, redirected meteors and whatever else including hidden extra-terrestrial bio-weapons labs might be met with warriors kickin in the doors instead of school teachers, scientists, politicians or billionaires able to purchase tickets.

Some fear a space force; perhaps Democrats as well as Communist Chinese politicians that would seek a world domination unconcerned with independent space force personnel not willing to go quietly into the evil empire as would Democrats. Policing the high frontier is necessary as human space ventures and projects independent of Earth ramp up.

Space combat and civil engineers will have a lot of work digging in extra-terrestrial planets and moons to build underground bases able to withstand cosmic raises, the adverse vacuum and food scarcity under a military chain of command.





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