Green Party Should Move to Ecological Economic Educator Role at Center

The Green Party of America is a pathetically weak, socialist doper partisan party regarded as something like the dregs of Democrats. That positioning to the left in support of all of the evil and divisive socialist-homosexual-abortionist-anti-Christian agenda dooms it to failure a priori so far as becoming a relevant political force in the United States during the next decade goes. The sole hope of the Green Party to get a large share of voters is that the Democrat Party continues to become viewed as a lunatic, obsessive do-nothing haters. What can the Green Party do to become a real factor in U.S. politics and not remain on the bottom with 1% of the Presidential vote?

Removing the divisive, socialist hate agenda to become a party of pure devotion to ecological economics with dozens of clear, articulate opinions about how to transition the nation to a sustainable ecologically synergistic economy is the sole avenue for improvement. Stating over and over the principles of ecological economics; educating the voters, should be the one focused task of the American Green Party. Transition to sustainable ecological economics with liberty and justice for all is probably the main reason for a Green Party to exist; it need be the leader in facing the greatest challenge to U.S. and global economics of the age. It can’t do that with all of the hoary clap trap of socialism and divisive social issues that alienate at least half of the electorate.

There is a Universe of shrill and polemical opinion of divisive social issues that voters can listen to, watch or read on the media every day of the year. What is absent is articulate opinion explaining how to use free enterprise and clever, innovative regulation to seamlessly transition toe entire U.S. economy to a new foundation of ecological economics. Joining the mesmerizing and tiresome Indian cobra piper show without meaningful ecological economics will not serve the public well. Advance would be far simpler from the basis of a center-conservative social position with the large exception of solid ecological economics as a progressive, oars in the water way to naturally select free enterprise business and zoning that promotes quality over quantity while leaving the deranged social issues that aren’t economic and tired ideas in advocacy of bureaucratic socialism to those spending their lives with recreational drug over-use.





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