Bus and Lt Rail Passes for Homeless May Be Practical Way

California may have as many as 150,000 homeless people in the state; it is difficult to get an accurate count, and its politicians don’t seem to know how to help with that. A lack of transportation is usually one of the largest problems homeless people face. Getting to a job at point a from point b in a timely way for an interview can be challenging. So get the poor local bus and light rail passes.

Governor Newsome seems to want to get apartment vouchers for the poor paid for at federal expense. That would be a socialist approach and add billions and billions to the U.S. public debt. It is the sort of idea well to do politicians that don’t spend a lot of free time thinking about social issues and finding creative solutions would have. The comfortable sometimes have a hard time understanding how the uncomfortable live.


Apartments in California are very expensive as are homes. Subsidizing apartments in slums wouldn’t be too effective in getting people to good jobs or educational facilities. It would hide them out of the way perhaps training them to graduate unto jails. Apartments in good locations are quite costly. Maybe a homeless guy moving into a good apartment could walk to work right away. I am skeptical about the likelihood of that fortuitous circumstance occurring. Homeless people given transportation passes could travel county wide to look for work and desert spaces to sleep in. They could commute to homeless facilities. The costs are known and easier to afford than housing. If safe quality regional camping facilities designed for the homeless and well supervised were also made it is possible that the homeless could find work and participate in the job market as commuters.

Keeping the homeless out of jail and providing bus and light rail passes that might keep some clunkers from putting more exhaust along the freeways could reduce the homeless problem in California a little at a time. Because California is California Governor Newsome would soon want all of the illegal aliens without housing or living in overcrowded interiors to be given free federal cash for housing too. Usually the United States has a million or so people that are homeless for various reasons (not all bad) that like to travel about in search of a way to better themselves. It is not always easy to front-load all of the cash needed to get a good job, laundry, phone, transportation, housing and food all at the same time from the position of being broke on the street. I road a bicycle 35,000 miles around the U.S.A. looking for homes to paint. It was probably more difficult than it should be because of all of the illegal aliens saturating the construction industry. Some homeless people would not be able to ride a loaded bike 75 to 100 miles a day across the south or from Mexico to Canada to search for work. yet neither do they have sedentary lifestyles- they may have a hard time with the immobility of Obamacare that basically was designed for sedentary middle class people, rather than the poor stricken with pneumonia that need to find a job or a few homes to paint even so.

The United States is a free country blessed not to be to much like old Europe, though challenged by illegal immigration and chaos for the lowest economic class. People journey to live in California because of the mild year around climate and lack of fire ants under a leftist, nominally sympathetic upper class of spoilt politicians. That trend is likely to continue until the lowest class has positive reinforcement structures in place that return the downtrodden to a productive and humane earning and living environment. For example, hiring those unemployed for the greatest time first via positive employer tax incentives would be one simple legal measure to make.





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