The Rise of Bad Politicians and Decline of Internet Trolls

Being an internet troll is a Soviet sort of minder activity. When I started posting on the internet in 1999 there was a Universe of wild trolls that have mostly been culled through technical programming structured progress. Writers need to be free to express their opinions without minders attacking them personally and publicly. Ill-educated louts simply attacked writers ad nauseum to snuff opinions they didn’t like, and free people hate that.

Flunkies are always seeking ways to brown-nose an establishment and that can go too far. Ingratiating themselves to an establishment by attacking writers with different political ideas antipathetic to some of the advantaged is a usual behavior.

A balance need be made between free speech and those that simply prevent others from expressing speech freely with direct personal attacks- negative conditioning, using free speech. Some of the worst trolls are international and still work on international sites-the battle to defend against trolls is much easier than it was yet it still exists. 

Opportunity costs created by trolls to others can be high. I am working on editing down a 575,000 word ebook presently. After cuts it will be perhaps 175,000 words. Trolls present opportunity cost to writers who just wanted to write briefly, a small comment, and let it go at that, Trolls waste time-for-others.

I have never been a Lisa Murkowski fan. In my opinion she exemplifies what is wrong in DC with the nation’s political class. Since her father appointed her to the job she has failed on numerous fronts. Collectively people regard the Senate just a little higher than the House and neither much worth anything. The 23 trillion of public debt, the illegal immigration (that Lisa Murkowski helped enable with opposition to the border wall) problem, the destruction of the world ecosphere, lack of creativity in economic reform, there are dozens of reasons why she is a bad politician to me yet with uneducated people in support of bad ideas the concatenation in DC is the blind leading the blind. She might at least have not exacerbated the impeachment conundrum and further divided the nation injecting psp paralytic poisoning into the political ecosystem so more time is wasted and less gets done.

I believe that tens of millions of illegal aliens are part of the homeless causality problem and that Lisa Murkowski is clueless about how to address those issues politically. Social anomie; chaos and social adversity too high reinforces crime and crimes on persons- not all souls that are missing simply had Alzheimers or were klutzes in the woods on or off trails without a sense of direction, up or down. 

It is important to establish social order and sober, drug-free pervasive security. There are too many comfortable people in the political world just letting the establishment economic vectors run on with a sense of urgency to solve problems somewhat less than Marie Antoinette’s ‘let them eat cake‘ paradigm. 





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