The Obama-Biden-Comey-Rice-Ciaramella Axis of Evil

The news that a C.I.A. analyst who worked for Susan Rice during the Obama administration is the Ukraine-call whistleblower isn’t too surprising. The 33 year old Harvard-Yale guy seems right to work, what Scott Ritter, former nuclear compliance inspector calls “an act of treason” in working to subvert the President of the United States to benefit the great left-wing blue balloon collusion to take down the Republican capitalist President with the help of Comey F.B.I. leadership of the late Obama era. Of course the C.I.A. spook could be another Richard Jewell.

A President of the United States should not be subject to four years of distraction by partisan malcontents seeking to bump him out of employment in the White House. The incessant and well coordinated attacks seem to have no end. Presently House Majority Speaker has taken the unprecedented steps of leading an impeachment movement and withholding the articles from the Senate (who would quickly dismiss the articles) until the Senate can be as jury rigged as was the House of Representatives.

It is said that Spook Ciaramella coordinated with Lt. Col. Vindeman about the call the President made to the Ukraine President. There is a military-industrial complex that demands conflict leading to the brink of war in Ukraine in order to continue spending on an arms buildup. They hate RUssia because they are ignorant morons on Russian history and clueless about the fact that having Russia and Ukraine share Dnepr River frontage for a common border with Ryussia keeping Crimea would allow peace and prosperity to resume the course of flourishing and enable Russia and the U.S.A. to work together to solve the world ecological problems that are emiprical threats to all of mankind.

Because so many Americans are complete idiots it is a simple matter to rebuild the Cold War and reinforce the corrupt Democrat Party agenda to subvert the end of the Cold War that President Reagan brought about with President Gorbachev using the lever of the Ukraine.

Harvard publications have hated President Trump since the 2016 election so its not surprising that one of their alumni sought to take him down where the baloney collusion with Russia to elect Trump Mueller Probe failed. Democrats and Harvard are worse than supporters of Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee would have been in President Lincoln later if they could have impeached him after 1861 for some alleged ties at the Harper’s Ferry incident.





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