The Renewed Closed Universe Theory

The cosmology of most of the 20th century had just three basic shapes possible for the Universe; open, closed and static. The stationary theory appealed to Einstein before his general theory of relativity blew it up. Einstein liked the stationary Universe paradigm and an anti-Bohr view of quantum mechanics.

For the latter half of the 20th century, especially after the Hoyle hypothesis of a stationary Universe with new material being injected into it through some unknown cause faded, an open Universe was the prevailing paradigm for cosmology. The Universe was thought to be open and expanding forever. Now a new and solid interpretation of the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation has breathed new life into the Universe as a closed structure where a straight line go far enough into space returns to its point of origin in a vast loop. That is what people thought of a closed Universe in the 1950s and 1960s and how it is in the new research.

In order to eliminate quantum uncertainty and the all-possible-worldlines before observation paradigm of the Copenhagen interpretation, a Multiverse with all possible positions for every possible particle could exist enabling the entire Multiverse to be static in a sense not usually provided. There could be an infinite number of Universes in each possible stage of its being in an infinite number of variations of infinite universes too.

It may be simpler to conjecture that the mind of God is infinite in all possible ways and that might  including His paradigm for the quantity of Universes. Each Universe may be an apparent actualization of thought from God in relativistic form with particle-waves. A static Multiverse or one particular closed Universe that returns to a big crunch could transform in some way to a terminal condition of etherialized particles-mass-energy merging with space-time for-itself like a black hole naked singularity evaporating into extra-dimensions as virtual particles.





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