Make Laws Against Ecoside and Defend Tongass National Forest

Ecoside is a terrible thing to work. Destroying species and life on Earth in a health form and quantity happens by degrees. In the Tongass coastal forest of S.E. Alaska evil-doers have got the President’s ear to support logging in the only national forest the nation has. In fact the Tongass is the shoreline greenery beyond which is about the only substantial glacier field in North America. Building roads for loggers requires overthrowing the roadless rule prevailing there now. While it is reasonable to build roads in the small cities of the region it is silly to attack the coastal rain forest and allow a legion of loggers, hunters and fossil fuel vehicles access toward contributing meaningfully to planetary ecoside. Old growth forest may be more cool than bare clear cut hillsides. High latitude greenhouse gases may warm up the atmosphere quicker perhaps cascading more northerly permafrost melt releases of CO2.

Probably there should be some national and international laws against acts of ecoside. Those would be acts that contribute substantially to the degradation of the ecosphere, and allowing a spaghetti field of logging roads and further assault on the final lower latitude (comparatively) glacial field of large scale is plain dumb. The President is a New Yorker who just studies economic flow and velocity charts for materials, however ecoside scale activities need be exceptions to the rule of ignorable externalities to profit.

The Congress should get done with the impeachment fiasco and work to defend the roadless rule right away before proceeding to make anti-ecoside legislation and define what qualifies as an act contributing to ecoside and mass extinction of the Holocene era.





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