Hate Crime Homicides- The Untressed are Number 1

There is a lot of media reporting of hate crimes against various religions. Maybe the devil is particularly motivated or interested in attacking Christians, Jews, Muslims and theists in general- its difficult to know. What can be known are various statistical surveys of hate crime homicides and who the victims are.

Homeless people are by far the number one group homicide victims and the number is rising. In a recent year 155 homeless people were killed by hateful of the homeless, non-homeless tressed individuals usually under the age of 25. All other victims of homicide hate crime added together was just 75. In a nation of 320 million souls, and considering the fact that there are far fewer homeless people than blacks, Jews, white males, queers, Buddhists, Muslims and so forth (actually fewer than one million homeless Americans), the number is alarmingly high.


Ordinarily people have many disparaging things to say about the homeless. Even in the California homelessness debacle the comparative violence against Jews situation is trivial (although no violence is trivial). There are just about 7 million Jews in the United States and because some have a different appearance in dress, and because some are prosperous and live and worship near slums or dangerous minority populated areas they become easy targets of hate for the simple minded. Of course the liberal media does nothing to discourage the degradation of conservative religious beliefs as pro-atheist promoters of anti-faith atheism, homosexuality, abortion, legal dope and etc. Responsible prosperous Jewish synagogues tend to be frontier clusters in a political era where non-traditional and alien mass migration illegally and cultural values thrown together in a melting pot with clashes inevitable and a foreign non-melting Hispanic culture increasing in size without a substantial Jewish prosyletized cadre of acolytes. So some rudeness toward the prosperous strange Jews-especially from the urban black proletariat with a higher crime rate, lower education level, more gang violence etc occurs- it is not too significant in comparison to the crimes against the homeless. Maybe Jews are one group that does not persecute the homeless yet most of the others find some way to excrete perpetrators of violence even if just a few.

Homosexuals in a given year experience perhaps 1700 violent hate crimes (not murders) and that statistically isn’t high since there are 11 million declared homosexuals in the U.S.A. and probably more. It would be worth research to discover if the 1700 queer victims of hate crimes of violence were declared homosexuals or simply behavioral ones. 

The group with the highest number of hate crimes is black Americans. The reasons for that are well known and an evolving condition of U.S. history as the melting pot of solid black is far more influential upon the other colors in the mess. Toleration of race should be simpler to stabilize in the long run than cultural differences such as Islam and Hispanic culture as race can be non-ideological an non-cultural.





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