Iranian Trophy Kill and Media Feeding Frenzy

The drone missile killing of Iran’s top fanatic terrorist was reported first perhaps, by the BBC last night with several other networks following along in the usual feeding frenzy to treat the story from one biased perspective or another. Democrats of course lined up at NBC, CNN, U.S.A. Today and other party organs to spin the sudden trophy quality demise of the head of the Quds force of snake-head biters from a view pro or antipathetic to the Trump administration action. 

I wasn’t going to say anything about the military action, yet listening to the coverage thought it might be useful to make an objective opinion. Of course the action will drive up the price of oil and be of service to various red states’ government’s revenue streams.

The decision of an Iranian general to visit Iraq and coordinate a proxy attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad was breath-takingly dumb of course. He may have felt that Iraq was already in-the-bag for Iranian hegemonic ambitions.

It is worth remembering that it was the Eisenhower administration that started the Iranian-American problems when it sponsored a coup to get rid of the democratic government and install an Emperor. The Emperor’s secret police force tortured or stalked Iranians around the globe and he was a tool of the United States. The Shah also had goals to rule the Middle East not unlike those of the silly Shi’a leadership of Iran. 

Though the original sin of the coup against Prime Minister Mossadegh occurred in 1953 and a lot of water and hate has passed under the historical bridge since, when U.S. policy makers think about Iran they should be aware that the United States started the popular conflict and as a leading dance partner it should also be the one to end it. Ending the conflict may be difficult because of the idiocy of the broadcast media that reports what other people do and follows up with a politically correct narrative to reinforce their position; they usually have wrong points of view on numerous topics and politicians tend to reinforce the idiocy.

Before the Shah Iran had brought in an American economic adviser and the bi-lateral relations were actually good. Then Iran nationalized the oil fields that were effectively owned by the British in order to get some of the profit too- that was the way people renegotiated contracts or agreements in the era, and the Eisenhower administration worried about the domino theory prevalent in the 1950s regarding communism pre-emptively intervened with the coup to nip their fear of a communist takeover in the bud. That policy decision is still costing the United States today and may cost even more in the future.

With a radicalized Iran (paradoxically it was western leftists who supported the Iranian revolution to get rid of the Shaw before Ayatollah Khomeini took power and swiftly purged the left) it may be challenging to end the conflict in a peaceable way though that is highly desirable. Iran should lose its nuclear weapons program. The United States hasn’t any need for anything in the ancient nation-kingdom against peace since Iran is way off the mainstream course of modern trade and commerce; it hasn’t got good Pacific, Atlantic or even Mediterranean waterfront property. Iran’s oil is also a declining commodity with the major automakers moving full ahead into electric cars and physicists developing better batteries, solar panels, super conductors and a wealth of micro-circuit technology.

Though it was a good idea to end the activities of General Soleimani it would be a better thing to find some way to normalize relations with the anti-communist Iranian Muslim Republic.





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