Should Pres Trump Have Told Impeach Leaders Shifty Shu About Soleimani Mission First?

Democrats are complaining about President Trump ordering a mission to execute the number one Iranian terrorist who was apparently in Iraq to foment attacks on Americans, without telling the Congress, such as House Intelligence Chairman Rep Adam Schiff about the mission or asked for permission first. 

Evidently Democrats feel that Rep. Schiff or Senator Schumer should have been given the chance to put their foot down and veto the reckless American adventurism or other Trump ventures that could have been done with collusion from Russians or simply as  distractions from the effort to defend U.S. national security through the pivotal impeachment process. There might have been someone from the National Security Council that overheard a call where President Trump was expecting a quid pro quo from some foreign leader if he did or din’t act to execute Iran’s top terrorist organizer. Without Rep. Schiff’s informant staff being informed we will never know.

Iran has a three party historical course of political evolution that need be carefully balanced. When the civilian sector and populism had finally taken charge with an elected parliament and prime minister, overcoming monarchy and military the United States staged a coup to restore the absolute monarchy. Iranians of the popular front led by radical Muslims have tended toward antipathy toward the United States since. They have little reason to trust the United States with its proven record of snuffing their elected government when it arises to restore capitalist-friendly autocrats.

When the military sector works with either royals or radical clerics, who have substantial popular support, it is very difficult in the trialectical process to bring up cherries for a civilian led jackpot in the political evolution. Each time there is a new alignment the United States tends to apply counter-force like a large log roller spinning in an opposite direction on the log from the new Iranian political rolling champion at that makes it tough for Iranians. 

While Iran poses threats to the Middle East and searches for ways to annihilate Sunni political power and presents threats to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States it would be useful to keep the large picture in mind of trying to help Iran balance it’s one-armed bandit of political fortune on the civilian political winning cherries of jackpot. Iran like most nations hasn’t the circumstantial chance to simply seek its own gyroscopic civilian-led upright leadership as it might have in the past with a paucity of global powers jostling its policies about. The natural selection tends to be toward the military-clerical complex.

Post-Soviet Russia was also challenged to move from its traditional three-part balance of power between the KGB, military and communist party to a peaceful yet strong civilian led government. In a sense that is what Present Putin with his Presidential super-powers represents; it could have been worse. Certainly the Democrat Party has worked very hard to poison U.S. relations with Russia.





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