Speaker Pelosi May Be Ashamed of Crank Democrat Impeachment Articles

The crank impeachment wave of the Democrat Party may have hit the bottom and broken short of the beach where it was intended to be a Tsunami that would wipe out the settlements of voters that elected the President in 2016. The wave actually never reached the Senate with the articles squirelled away in Nancy Pelosi’s drawer. Speaker Pelosi may be so ashamed of the flimsy impeachment process her co-cranks worked that she won’t send them to the Senate to let the furor cool off.

Senator Lindsey Graham said that the Senate may go ahead and change the rules in order to process the impeachment anyway in order to not have to keep everyone in an emergency status. Very likely the Senate will dismiss the lawsuit as a worthless piece of junk as soon as they can. The crank Democrat wave might increase the number of voters that are skeptical about the value of the Democrat Party agenda.






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