Relocate U.S. Troops in Iraq to Kurdistan?

Iraq’s Shi’a leaders want American military forces to leave; maybe sending them to Iraq would be a good idea.

After the U.S. withdraws military forces a renewed Shi’a-Sunni conflict probably will evolve. The United States has no interest in general regional Middle East conflict occurring and yet would probably not intervene in the national spat. An Iraq civil war would place Kurds in an odd position of choosing sides or remaining neutral. Iran would probably be expected to intervene on behalf of the Shi’a theocracy that would grow under Iranian tuteladge. It would be good to have the U.S. secure the peace of certain neutral allies in the area that aren’t adverse to an American troop presence; a new state of Kurdistan.

American foreign policy recently treated the Kurds rather badly as has the west for a few centuries. Maybe they don’t trust Kurds as a consequence of Kurdish General Saladin defeating the last of the Crusaders at Acre, yet Kurds always were territorially protectively inclined and that isn’t historically unusual. One must move on to trust and support allies with a certain pragmatism.

Turkey should  concede, with the proper incentives, the formation of a new Kurdish state with some Syrian and even a Turkish territory in order to stablish the Middle East while the Shi’a foment wars across the region and seek to attack Saudi better etc.

A strong upcountry base to defend various Middle East tactical requirements would be useful for maintaining peace in the region while Iraq moves into its desired interminable civil war phase. Maybe the Trump administration should think twice about blocking Iraq’s right to have civil war free from foreign interference except for Iran.





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