The Gist of Modern Society

Agree or disagree; Electronics and machines supporting social networking, racketeering command and control is the gist of modern society. Philosophical questions of pros seem to be about trophic order (dinner place settings) in support of the quest for comfort civilization. A casualty of the human comfort prime directive society is the ecosphere. The pool and SUV have far higher priority than the lynx, cougar and forest.

Socrates said that failure at being virtuous was bad, and putting an innocent man to death was worse than dying oneself. Plato was a student-apprentice of Socrates acting like a scribe recording what Socrates said in the brilliant dialogues. Plato was quite a good writer. From The Apology page 41 “But you also, judges, must regard death hopefully and must bear in mind this one truth, [41d] that no evil can come to a good man either in life or after death, and God does not neglect him.” Since Socrates was on trial for his life (or permanent exile) the statement was especially pithy.





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