Slop Socialism is the 2020 Democrat Agenda

The Democrat Party has largely abandoned free enterprise principles in their approach to governing philosophy and implemented slop socialism where one bumbles into government debt and gross inefficiency to add a hodge-podge of programs to bring everyone into reliance on the government for services. A plain socialist system might be more efficient than slop socialism, yet no one wants pure socialism in the U.S.A. except for a minority of socialists.

Democrats seem to have made accusations and litigation a continuing process, a perpetual revolution, to attempt to always remain in political power in the executive branch notably. Today speaker Pelosi finally said she would send the impeachment over to the Senate next week. The Democrat insider-media axis of leaking to maintain a pejorative narrative continues. A leaker plead guilt to sending S.A.R. reports to the media; one wonders if the reports themselves were also made by a Democrat.

Slop socialism flourished in the Obama administration era. Inefficient Obamacare excluded a large number of the very poor-especially if they traveled from state to state seasonally looking for odd jobs and were homeless. Iran was given a nuclear missile development program so the next generation of Americans could have vast public debt and a nuclear weapons rich Iran too. A nuclear arms race in the Middle East with Saudi and Israel  building batteries of nuclear ballistic and cruise missiles wouldn’t really be a safety improvement for anyone.

Ballistic missiles travel much faster than jet aircraft. For defense against Iran’s developing nuclear missile armory Saudi and Israel would each need to develop 100 counter-strike missiles to point at Iran. Then again, with three players each might want to have 100 more to counter-strike the other two belligerents. The situation is ripe for a Shi’a-Sunni-Jewish tripartite arms race. The world would wait to see who would win the prize for best-decorated nuclear missile with 50 megaton warhead.

The Obama administration also gave tax cuts to the most rich leading the way to further tax cuts. In slop socialism its okay to enrich the most rich more, including Hollywood and Sports millionaires and billionaires and politicians, while throwing some bread and circuses to the lower classes, because slop socialists don’t invest in making free enterprise work for everyone at all and can’t differentiate between free enterprise efficiency with a good progressive tax rate and capitalism that isn’t defined by a Marxist paradigm. Slop socialists tend to believe that inefficient government policy and the machines of big corporate will lead to the Utopia of socialism and a pure environment bottled and sold with special homosexual, greenish purple, three-sexed rangers providing tours for the public of Bambi’s realm.

Oh right; the Obama administration also greased the way to force homosexual marriage on the nation instead of establishing a new yet different structure for the queer persuasion; slop socialists prefer to expropriate rather than procreate. Plainly ecological economics within a free enterprise context isn’t on the Democrat’s radar screen. With the Democrat abandonment of free enterprise as the founding principle of political economy the work in that field for reform to apply it to repair the ecosphere and restore a more egalitarian and creative economy simply doesn’t develop. Without a free enterprise, egalitarian, ecologically economic realism party to challenge rich Republicans the concentration of wealth crowds unchecked and that too oppresses free enterprise for all.





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