Post-Modernism Destroyed the Middle-Lower Mass Class Structure

Post-modernism comprised a number of fields including certain philosophical movements especially those concerning truth and the verifiability of truth. Subjectivity became a pervasive outlook; some regarded that as overly introspective and in support of confusion or denial concerning the reality of the world. Social reality supplanted empirical pragmatism. Select elites regarded the entire movement and its effect upon the masses as possibly a good thing since they were becoming more malleable to elite persuasion.

In the early 20th century the majority of the lower classes of Americans were earthy, godly people. They would even serve in major wars because of loyalty to government and virtue to a certain extent, for good or bad. During the Vietnam Conflict era post-modernism and draft resistance catalyzed a me-first subjective outlook. With birth control and affirmative action the establishment began to lose credibility and became suspect by the new masses. What was being lost though during the time of accelerating urbanization and technology advance was the earthy and Christian pragmatism that had been the backbone of the nation. Certain elites regarded the entire mess of over-population and ecospheric degradation as threatening. They believed that a new social organization needed to be cultured that would reduce population and stabilize environmental loss. The traditional economy and family unit were regarded a villains. Radical transformation was sought after, and that required the masses to be ideologically severed from owning real property, farming, the Church and heterosexual marriage. 

The Persistence of Memory, 1931 - Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali- The Persistence of Memory

President Trump represents some of the values- especially economic values, and the new elites of Harvard, M.I.T. and of California hate that- hence the fabrications of the Mueller investigation and the Impeachment. What the new elites lacked was faith in God and the U.S.A. and willingness to trust and get the masses to follow new economic reform guidelines voluntarily. Instead they work to dupe the herd into being sycophantic echos in metaphorical cattle pens of political control.

President Trump is the ultimate carpet king do-it-yourself TV commercial owner-salesman who measures the world in square feet. That is good for business and bad for the environment. As an indoor guy the wilderness is just an undeveloped area to the President. That is bad news for Alaska wilderness areas- the only quality ones remaining in the United States, and bad news for the prospects of survival on Earth since the wild isn’t superfluous. The trouble is that there is just no realistic alternative with Democrats being godless atheist redistributionists seeking to enrich the most rich and add trillions and trillions to the public debt on their course to restore the power of Harvard elites. 

What is needed is some political leader that excels at innovation and who comprehends the principles of ecologic economics so well that he can understand how to adapt it to free enterprise actualization with directed economic evolution that respects traditional American values.





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