Pres Trump’s Wetlands Destruction/Mordor Policy

President Trump seems willing to implement one of the most irresponsible wetlands and stream destruction acts made in the past few decades into law.

President Bush 41 brought a fair degree of wetlands protection to the nation and President Obama made some effort to do that as well. President Trump though is quite the opposite in working to destroy the nation’s remaining wetlands in order to firm up red state voter support. President Trump may be trying to show Brazil by example that the Amazon rain forest could be made into a splendid profusion of farms, asphalt ribbons to parking lots and golf courses.

Some Americans value wetlands and stream quite a lot. When this generation passes and the politicians in D.C. are simply departed memories downwind, the next generations will not have the chance to experience the natural health of a profusion of wetlands destroyed by the power of President Trump, godless atheist Democrats and collaborators (mass transit tech and innovative systems could be part of a green ecospheric renaissance).

I hope he reconsiders. The world’s land and water use is not generally planned rationally at all in an ecospheric health conservation context. If democrats were not a party of dopey, homosexual favoritism, abortionist, godless atheists irresponsibly working to flood the nation with illegal aliens that make forming good environmental opinions in the electorate impossible and divided, the sort of act of President Trump would never arise. The idiotic and false parameters for impeachment is the sort of thing the corrupt-o-crats are after. No party is good in D.C. ecospherically speaking; no not one.

Business is important and a lot of good business people couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the environment. The environment is regarded as an externality to their economic interests if it is regarded at all. Those without a proprietary business interest in destroying ecospheric health (it sustains life on Earth and will for some few centuries at a minimum) might support a rational land-use plan for the nation that would be a good example to other nations of how to restore lost environmental health and sustain a robust flora and fauna rich ecosphere at the same time as sustainable business continues within free enterprise parameters of directed economic evolution.

Eventually some politicians will need to comprehend the principles of sustainable ecosphere with a sustainable environmental business economic plan. It is far more than remediation for global atmospheric heating that is needed. The ecosphere health issue is important enough to the well-being of mankind that is should be an issue for itself unencumbered by partisan riders for social issues that are completely divisive. In the Toynbean paradigm of challenge and response both parties are failing the challenge of sustaining a health ecosphere on Earth.

The entire planetary ecosphere likely was evolved by God in co-dependent directed evolution from the beginning. Directed evolution is consistent with Universe predeterminism and pre-destination. One cannot remove an arm or a leg here or there and not affect the entire organism in which humanity coheres. Many don’t realize the evolutionary history of ecological systems or those of the water with a semblance of competence.





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