A Few Reasons Why God Exists

If the Universe exists, something exists. Everything has a source or an origin.

Scientific studies, researches, observations and inferences have found much of the physics and structure of the Universe. There may be infinite Universes. Those Universes had an origin; a first cause of being and becoming.

Some physicists speculate that nothing gave rise to everything. 

Virtual particles emanating from a vacuum entangle and remain steady like a cloud of nothing precipitating raindrops. If the vacuum actually had a field that produced or emanated virtual particles, that place or situation is considered the beginning of everything, yet it already was, or always was. Something or someone may have existed before, and the field could itself be a thought in the mind of God.

Even so, if the field emanated myriad universes that at some stage inducted content-energy/virtual particles from the vacuum field, in one of those Universes it could have produced an intelligent being twenty times greater than a human being of Einstein’s genius intellectually. It is not certain that a human-like brain could not be made to appear in some Universe’s order of assembly, call it evolution if you like. That super-human super-genius understanding how a Universe is physical made could have created an infinite number of Universes himself as a littler god or a big god depending upon one’s point of view.

Quantum cosmology is different than QM. It is a needed developing field. Evolution is a way of regarding temporal phases in thermodynamics.

 God ((QM x Evo)) = human present experience

Science is made with extrapolations of structure and function based on observations. That approach has developed much knowledge, yet the knowledge is always contingent and temporal until a deeper explanation and basis is discovered. Newton’s theory of gravity was true and functional and later surpassed by Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. In time one expects a deeper explanation to surpass that though the theory itself will remain valid within a limited parameter.

It is possible that massive gravity or even a deterministic holographic account of gravity could explain away the General Theory. Gravity itself could be just an appearance of a completely determined Multiverse possible made with the assembler language of mathematics. Uncertainty is virtually certain. Socrates said he knew that he knew nothing in the first well known expression of epistemological doubt.

Human beings enamored with their own discoveries about the physical construction of the Universe have with ample ego inferred that they are for-themselves the smartest kids in the Universe (room) and that god could not exist. I have above shown that He logically could exist and actually should exist if a Multiverse exists.

The 19th century German philosopher G.W.F. Hegel believed that God was a process of trying to realize Himself in history. Hegel’s concept of God is appropriate for a God emanating from a vacuum and field evolving Himself into awareness through history as a kind of Gaia for the Universe. If God so evolved in-himself and for-others he might choose to send an authorized representative of Himself to mankind and any other sentient beings; Jesus Christ.

There are numerous ways that God may have arisen from a vacuum field. The fact that a vacuum field exists at all at some point instead of really nothing is something to consider. Another point to ponder is would a mind existing before nothing-before a vacuum field, have a reason to want to think about anything such as contents of Universes, as objects and what relationship would he have to those that would be most efficient or useful for-himself.

There is a horizon problem regarding what can be known about the Universe that implicitly coheres in its physical construction concerning space-time. With the present science what pre-existed this manifest Universe and what follows its end, if there is one, cannot be known by science. One may speculate about theoretical causes of this Universe and where the Universe itself is in regard to other possible Universes, yet one cannot directly observe or verify those speculations. 

If like some theroretical particles some day science allows a human mind to break the bonds of the speed of light and be everywhere in the Universe as a finite yet omniscient observer, it has challenging to speculate what the bounds would be for that mind…just this one Universe or every possible Universe that could exist? If the Universe is a Multiverse and there is an aMultiversal timeless neo-eternity of vaccuum containing it, would our human mind-explore have the right stuff to be omnipresent in the eternal vacuum (that could really be just a phase-field of some sort that itself changes in an unknown way) of non-being and be in all times and places in each Universe of the Multiverse that ever was, is or will be?

There are many tough questions and challenges for science to answer, and they aren’t necessarily antipathetic to the story of the Bible; more perhaps, irrelevant to it except as supporting props for accurate interpretations of the book of God.

Since Darwin’s theory became popular many people have dismissed the idea of the existence of God summarily; that is they repeatedly have made summary judgments regarding the being of God having regarded the weight of the evidence of science and evolution vs. the Bible’s creation material. They usually are unfamiliar with the Bible in detail and have encountered a lifetime of science. They are persuaded that the Bible is a Neolithic story that evolution science has superceded; in short they are not philosophically minded enough to consider the question of cosmology in relation to a Supreme Being at all. For various reasons they prefer to regard themselves as virtual lizards evolving in the tangled bank of environmental destruction on Earth underway in order to over-produce goods and comforts for human beings most wastefully. 

They regard Evolution as a true belief that requires the falsification of God. That paradigm is wrong on the logical scientific and philosophical axis as well as on the Biblical axis; it is not at all uncommon for people to notice that the basic order and parameters of the Bible book of Genesis concerning creation bares structural similarities or parallels to evolution. They are not actually in opposition logically; God may have evolved the Universe and for that matter, Adam and Eve could have been not simply legendary representative beings; they may have been Super-beings challenged by all of the philosophical, ethical and moral challenges humans experience after the fall and set in to the mortal coil of temporal thermodynamics.

I need leave off this essay here and will leave with a url for my free e-book with some ideas on the topic. Sometime I hope to write a revision with updates on various interesting matters.






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