Democrat Party-Leftist Global Collusion for 2020 Election?

Internet and Other Media Leftist Collusion to Influence U.S. Elections?

I am surprised that the topic of collusion between Democrats and foreign media to influence elections in the United States hasn’t been raised. Even British tabloids often give unfavorable coverage to President Trump. Democrats were all over the Ukraine looking for things to benefit themselves and their election interests one would think, at least with foreign policy victories for propaganda purposes.

With the Internet being entirely international one encounters lunatic leftist that hate President Trump in chatrooms and foreign media alike. many of the left view the United States as an obstacle to world dominion by whatever variety of lunatic, ineffective and ecologically destructive policy they have. On the other hand, many foreigners hate global warming deniers so much that they seek to influence the 2020 election to get rid of president Trump and convert the United States into a socialist ecotopia like that of the former Soviet Union and Ukraine.

I personally believe that all of the political parties are incompetent at ecological economics and reforming economic infrastructure with directed evolution of free enterprise to a synergistic relationship between mankind and the ecosphere.

Americans should  be able to be politically self-determining and hear American opinions amidst the cacophony of global opinions.





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