The Impeachment Show Could be Renewed for 2021

The thrilling episodes of the Trump impeachment trial continuing through the election year brings viewers new drama watching Rep. Adam Schiff discourse to the public on the President’s misdeeds in  bullying the Ukraine while NBC’s The Blacklist is off the air and isn’t expected to resume until July or August 2020 if I recall.

It is possible that witnesses enabled by a few Senators on the Republican side such as Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and Mitt Romney will bring more excitement to the drama with stories of Hunter Biden dashing through the mud-filled front lines in the battle of Ukraine vs Russia on the Eastern front to bring relief to war-bedraggled Democrat Party forces.

Witnesses might include the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and President of RUssia Vladimir Putin, as well as the British Royal family, MI-5 and 6 and French President Macaroni to clarify the role President had in asking for an investigation into Democrat Party elite machinations in the former Soviet Union state of Ukraine.

The author of the Steele dossier and sundry former KGB members and former Ukraine Soviet intelligence officials may have the true dope enfilading the effect an investigation of the Biden conundrum would have on the 2020 U.S. Presidential election directly. Plainly foreign investigations sway U.S.voters quite a bit and would change the minds of millions and millions of Democrats to vote for President Trump-as he well knew it would.

If the investigation into the Biden board membership and trench war had gone ahead the leftist  media such as C.N.N. and the Washington Post, New York Times et al would have flip flopped to all in behind the election of Donald Trump. It is lucky that the matter was caught with deep insider informants to Rep. Adam Schiff or the public would have never known.





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