Two International Affairs Policies in Two Days by President Trump

With the signing into law the U.S.M.C.A. today President Trump brought his second major foreign policy initiative to the nation in two days. The Trump Middle East Peace Plan announced yesterday with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Middle East leaders in attendance was the single most realistic Peace initiative approaching a final settlement, ever (since the Balfour Agreement). The terrorist gang leadership of the Palestinians (i.e. Hamas) of course summarily dismissed the plan because they would lose terrorism employment if peace and a two-state solution became actualized.

A foreign policy loss arrived as a present from Britain when the Brits decided to accept Huawei 5G Internet wiring of their nation. American intelligence officials have discouraged its use because of the threat of providing Chinese spooks with a view to Western intelligence rather easily. Britain liked the cheaper cost of Huawei as an alternative to European products that cost more without providing superior performance. That is a very old story in the rise of China as a nation with cheap labor costs receiving Western investment and sales. Karl Marx did say that the capitalists would sell them the rope communists hang them with; apparently that follows the law of supply and demand.

President Trump has rectified the problems inherent in the previous N.A.F.T.A. agreement and built portions of border wall to prevent illicit trans-border migrant workers from undermining the consequences of the agreement. If large capitalists can undermine national and international trade agreements (or communists) by relocating cheap labor illegally the end result would be the concentration of wealth and impoverishment, comparatively, of the majority.





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