The Unentangled Quantum Field

Reading a recent book on Quantum Mechanics- ‘What is Real’ precipitated an idea concerning the wave-particle duality that I Have thought about recently. The Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics suggests that Q.M. describes simply sampled elements of particle-waves without saying anything about a ‘real world’ quantum realm or ocean underlying the physical world of the Universe that I will refer to forthwith as the entangled world.

The entangled world comprising the physical, observable Universe is that in which quantum particles have become entangled with other particles and formed steady state clumps. The clumps are called energy and matter. The Universe and the perceived empty spaces or voids sentient human beings experience observably, objectively is also one of which they are part. One wonders what field or force enables the entire steady state of material, energy clumpiness.

Einstein and Bohm disputed the simplistic view of the Copenhagen interpretation. Einstein believed there should be some underlying force or field that allows quantum particles to exist and enter into material entanglement. What that quantum substructure could be like is interesting to consider. It could account for gravity, dark energy and dark matter.

The wave function postulates the probability of a particle at every possible location in the Universe. Its probability will of course be greatest at the point where it is observed. If the field is Parmenidean monism in character, particles that arise from it to become part of the entangled Universe are likely not of a unique character; they are simple elements of force structure of entanglement at a given location that is charged by the entire field. There are no individual particles in the unentangled field; the force entangled becomes particles or waves, as the case may be, when they become entangled. Scientific experimenters are themselves part of the entangled field.

Gravity seems to lend support to the inference that entangled clumps are attracted to other entangled clumps; that phenomenon is observed in the Universe and called gravity. Quantum entangled clumps in the Unentangled field draw in other entangled clumps in a way that could be described with Einstein general relativity illustration of warping space like weights on a rubber sheet. The mechanics of how entangled clumps draw together within the meta-Unentangled field is a question I need leave to the experts.  The unentangled field characteristics might be able to account for dark energy and matter too I suppose, depending upon the geometry and dimensionality of the unentangled quantum field, or better, unentangled monistic field.

Whenever researchers consider new particle-waves or force carriers of the entangled Universe they need determine and observe the presence of quantum wave particles in the entangled state. That realm may not be able to explain why entangled clumps afloat in unentangled monism draw together, for the unentangled monism may not be directly measurable or quantifiable from the contingent, entangled Universe or Universes.





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