My Second Constituent Survey from U.S. Rep. Don Young

I received my second e-mail with a constituent survey from Alaska Representative Don Young recently. For the second time taking the blind-to-the-result-when-taking the-survey poll I scored first place with the majority of Alaskans that after looking at the lengthy roster of issues the Congressman asked most concerned the constituency, took the last option; ‘other’ (aka none of the above). 

The poll results highlight what most Americans suspect about the Congress- that it is out of touch with social reality.

I looked at the numerous options including increasing military spending and making America energy independent (we already are the world’s largest producer of oil). Many Americans actually would like to be independent of fossil fuels for energy. I found nothing mentioning global atmospheric heating or ecosphere decay. Ocean acidification is another element of the whole destroy the ecosphere coordination of industrialized and post-industrialized nations. One might wonder if U.S. dentists sending impressions to Chinese dental labs have risk of receiving novel coronoviruses contaminated dental constructions in return- perhaps in saliva or germs upon dentures, crowns etc. What does President Trump know about that, and when did he know it?

The Congressman provided no opportunity to mark those as concerns they would like President Trump to address. In fact there is no space for a suggestion for better questions on the Congressman’s next poll. An amusing Congress.

At least Democrats are working to bump out U.S. workers and keep down wages with illegal aliens when they aren’t cutting taxes on the rich. Right; restoring a progressive tax rate that reduces the concentration of wealth and pays down the national public debt might have been useful question concern options for the Congressman to ask.

With Rep. Young one has a Hobson’s choice of supporting his policies of destroying the forests, oceans, waterways and increasing atmospheric heating or voting for godless atheist policies of Democrats. It is better to abstain in some cases from voting for either party and its lackeys.





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