Democrats Kick Off Their 2020 Presidential Race

When the Iowa caucuses begin in several hours the Democrats of the state face the onerous chore of choosing one of the motley crew of candidates to be their nominee for President. The line-up of Democrat candidates is appropriately representative of a decadent nation and so is slightly out-of-phase with the present national condition if not the course of public affairs.

If Democrats actually wanted to elect a President the former first lady Michelle Obama is possible the sole candidate capable of defeating President Trump. Former Sect. of State John Kerry is another prospect if the Democrats want to pretend to have a mature attitude toward governing.

With such an untrustworthy and motley crew of candidates that are the party’s equivalent of the McCain vs Obama 2008 contest some sort of environmental economic write-in candidate with military experience should be located to supplant the eventual losing choice the party is forced to choose from.

Democrats in the House proved during their kangaroo court of impeachment that if the President of the United States asks a  foreign President phrase A it is equivalent to phrase B. That is, President Trump asked the Ukraine President to investigate Hunter Biden’s odd payments and possible corruption as a board member of a Ukraine corporation in which he had no experience and received handsome payments. Democrats continue to interpret that as President Trump asked the Ukraine President to interfere in the U.S. Presidential election of 2020.

If a high school or college history teacher asked students on a test question what President Trump asked President Zelensky for concerning a criminal investigation in a phone call, it isn’t likely that the answer ‘he asked Zelensky to interfere in the 2020 U.S. Presidential election” would be accepted. With many such answers the student would flunk the test. No matter, that sort of exchange works fine for Democrats, strict, plain technical and logical language isn’t required of Democrat politicians any more. If Rep Schiff wanted to explain that what President Trump asked President Zelensky in the phone call was for a cow to jump over the moon, that would be acceptable and fine for House Democrats. So why can’t they find a normal candidate to run for President and exchange him or her for all of the ones presently running in Iowa?





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