Predator Capitalists Have Ecospheric Predator Partners

I.M.O. corporate raiders are predator capitalist in a free market mal-adapted to global ecosphere challenges concerning its decay. Free enterprise should have better ecospheric regulatory criteria to prefer a directed evolution of free enterprise with ecological economic guidelines conducive to sustaining human life on Earth and recovery of as much of the lost wild flora and fauna as is compatible with state of the art land use design policies.

Corporate developments should be required to go through hoops of no-net-loss-of-ecospheric vitality, neutral to reversal affect on global warming etc. Intelligence is required in all economic development to create structures that reward efficiency and eliminate negative externalities that degrade the ecosphere. Plain predatory capitalism has a partner in ecospheric predatory capitalism that burns the planks of the wooden ship in effect in order to power the boilers and make the passengers more comfortable. That sort of capitalism with its corporate raiders is grossly irresponsible. Adam Smith probably would have recognized that the paradigm of free enterprise and capitalism should be tailored to fit the empirical challenges of a society instead of relying upon government to solve the problems and challenges to society that cannot be ignored except and human peril.

I should point out, for those that haven’t thought about it, that capital is nothing more than wealth accumulated in about any form. Free enterprise is one way to build capital, yet even socialists and communist can be capitalists; that acquisition of capital is sought after by communist managers that may be ecospheric predators (in Africa and elsewhere for example) can also practice the usual predatory capitalism people are more familiar with.

Free enterprise isn’t the sole method for building capital; it is just the most efficient and generally satisfactory way for the people if properly regulated to prevent the over-concentration of wealth that inhibits egalitarian free enterprise. When communists redistribute capital they are not in the least reluctant to practice predatory capitalism.





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